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How does Google Cardboard work?

You have two holes and at a certain distance, the screen. You bring the device close to your eyes and you look through these holes and you have a fairly wide field of view.

Then the lenses will concentrate your wide field of view onto a small image area on the screen, one for the right eye and one for the left eye.

Then the apps developed by the programmers on Google Play Store or Apple Store, render images on these small areas that make the brain believe the user is in a different place. They must be fast, accurate, high resolution, synchronized well with the head motion. The developers will take into account where you are looking and the lens distorsion of your device.

Concretely, the screen creates a stereoscopic view by displaying to images (one for each eye). Your smartphone has an accelerometer inside which detects your head movements in a very reactive way and renders the appropriate images. As a result you can look in all directions and feel immersed!

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