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Cardboard Goggles are affordable and a fantastic way to promote your products.

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VR content is available on smartphones. Use our VR viewers to experience a total immersion.

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VR is the Next Big Thing! It is expected to have the same impact on society as the computer did.

Now it is the right time to make a difference and to surprise your customers.

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The lead-time will depend on the volume. Some operations take time, regardless the quantity.
We use a high-quality Flexographic Printing Press, which needs a longer setup than low-definition digital printing machines. Also, the headset require a lot of manual assembly. Our operators work fast but carefully, to make sure every single viewer is perfect.Average time between order and delivery for 1000 units is around 3 weeks.
Please plan your campaign in advance to make sure you get the best product possible.
Our minium order quantity are 300 units for both the VRT and VRO.
Yes. Even if we don’t recommend the use head straps because it could increase motion sickness, we have a adapted VRT model which comes with a stretch head strap, it you want. You can see a picture here.
Yes, we can offer you blank brown or white headsets, depending on the stock available.

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No, we don’t. We are specialized in printing Cardboard viewers, such as the Google Cardboard.

Yes, we offer competitive fulfillment services in the United States and the United Kingdom, from 10,000 units.