Virtual Reality Headset


Light weight plastic headset compatible with all smartphones (Android, IPhone, WindowsPhone) with screens between 4.0~6.0 inches.

With its impressive 120° field of view, this headset allows anyone, even nearsighted or farsighted people to watch comfortably 360° videos and use not only Virtual Reality but also Augmented Reality apps.

Interested in a large order or customization? Bulk unit price starts at $12. Reach out to us now.


  • Light weight. Play and watch comfortably
  • Universal. Compatible with all smartphones (Android, IPhone, WindowsPhone) with screens between 4.0~6.0 inches.
  • Total Immersion with 120° Field of View. With PMMA from Japan, the sharp lenses allow a field of view which is very close to the human’s.
  • Half-transparent Cover Design. You can also use the headset not only for Virtual Reality (VR), but also with Augmented Reality (AR) Apps.
  • No need to wear glasses. Adjust the focal distance if you have myopia or hyperopia.
  • Adjustable pupil distance. You can slightly adjust the position of the spherical resin lens through moving the button on the top of the headset. If keep your glasses, there is enough space for that, so you can watch comfortably.
  • Mechanic touch screen button. Press the button at the bottom of the headset to shoot, confirm, go to the next page and other functions.
  • Package Includes: VR headset, User Manual, microfiber cloth


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